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Solutions and Equipment for Oil, Gas and Chemical Production

Intech GmbH, Moscow is a Russian engineering company engaged in collaborative developments and follow-up ready-made supplies, including the installation and commissioning of the following plants and solutions for the oil and gas industry:

  • Gas treatment and thorough dehydration plants
  • Gas processing plants
  • Gas-gasoline processing plants
  • Hydrogen sulfide disposal plants
  • Oil and diesel fuel dewaxing plants
  • Oil sludge processing plants
  • Hydrocarbon vapour recovery units
  • Oil product discharge, loading, and overflow leak-proof systems
  • Oil refinery and gas processing plant effluent- treatment complex solutions
  • Oil tank sediment-cleaning units
  • Seawater desalting units
  • Energy-saving upgrade of petrochemical production; processing furnace efficiency increase with simultaneously reduced energy consumption
  • Oil treatment units for oil-and-gas fields
  • Oil and gas metering stations

Intech GmbH, Moscow is experienced in sales within Russia and CIS together with subsequent installation supervision, commissioning and after-sales services of the following equipment:

Pumping Units and Packaged Systems

Teikoku Canned centrifugal-type pumps, Japan

Pumping Units and Packaged Systems
  • Flow rate: up to 2400 m3/h
  • Head: up to 750 m
  • Operating medium temperature: - 200 °C to +450 °C
  • Viscosity: up to 350cSt
  • Explosion proof: ATEX product certification

Pump design:

Pumping Units and Packaged Systems
  • Single-stage horizontal canned pump
  • Horizontal multiple-stage canned pump
  • Vertical canned inline-type pump
  • Special design for volatile fluids with return circulation
  • Special canned pumps for hot fluids with external cooling circulation
  • Special canned pumps for suspensions with hydraulic valve self-circulating fluid or with external circulation
  • Self-priming canned pumps
  • Heat-insulated canned pumps

Canned centrifugal-type pump models:

  • Standard canned pumps, type F
  • Canned pumps for volatile fluid pumping, type R
  • Canned pumps for high-temperature media, type B
  • Self-priming canned pumps, type G
  • Canned pumps with high temperature insulation, type X
  • Heat-insulated canned pumps, types K, KS
  • Canned pumps for suspensions, types XG, SG, D

Corrosion-resistant centrifugal-type pumps manufactured by various European companies.

Single-stage centrifugal pumps
Single-stage centrifugal pumps
  • Flow rate: up to 2000 m3/h
  • Head: up to 320m
  • Closed or open impeller
  • Operating medium temperature: -70 °C to +450 °C
Multi-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps
Multi-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps
  • Flow rate: up to 500 m3/h
  • Head: up to 2500 m
  • Operating medium temperature: -70 °C to +400 °C
  • Special design for low NPSH is optional

Multi-stage vertical centrifugal pumps
Multi-stage vertical centrifugal pumps
  • Flow rate: 4 to 1100 m3/h
  • Head: up to 400m
  • Self-priming stage is optional
  • Designed for low NPSH

Pump types:

  • Standard type
  • Vertically-suspended type
  • Barrel-type
Self-priming centrifugal for dirty media
Self-priming centrifugal for dirty media
  • Flow rate: from 100 m3/h
  • Head: up to 60 m
  • Solid coke size: up to 23mm
  • Closed or open impeller
Propeller pumps
Propeller pumps
  • Flow rate: from 7000 m3/h
  • Head: up to 10 m

Centrifugal pumps with magnetic coupling
Centrifugal pumps with magnetic coupling

Pump design

  • Standard single-stage pumps with magnetic coupling
  • Multiple-stage horizontal and vertical pumps with magnetic coupling
  • Multiple-stage horizontal pumps with leak-proof seal
  • Flow rate: 35 to 1000 m3/h
  • Head: 100 to 340 m
HAUKE-MP GmbH Dosing plunger and diaphragm pumps, Austria
  • Flow rate: 0 to 70000 l/h
  • Discharge pressure: up to 2918 bar

Plunger (piston) pumps manufactured by Wepuko Hydraulik GmbH, Germany

Triplex plunger pump

  • Flow rate: up to 180m3/h
  • Discharge pressure: up to 1000 bar

Radial plunger pump

  • Flow rate: up to 60m3/h
  • Discharge pressure: up to 450 bar

Our engineering company supplies also for the Russian and CIS markets:

  • Ultrahigh pressure piston pumps for surface cleaning
  • Ultrahigh pressure piston pumps for surface cutting
  • High pressure pumps with operating pressure of 200bar, and flow rate of 250 m³/h
  • Gas compressors with operating pressure of 100bar and capacity of 17,000 Nm³/h
  • High-pressure piston pumps, type FG 250-25/25

Four-Phase High-Pressure Crude Oil Separators

Four-Phase High-Pressure Crude Oil Separators


  • Length: up to 12.2m (40ft)
  • Width: up to 2.6m (8ft 6in)
  • Height: up to 3.2m (9ft 6in)
  • Weight: up to 7,300kg
  • Actual displacement: 100 to 250 barrels
  • Working pressure: up to 10,000 psi

Associated Petroleum Gas Treatment Plants

Consisting of:

Associated Petroleum Gas Treatment Plants
  • Column equipment
  • Column circulation water pump
  • Absorbent dosing unit
  • Control cabinet
  • Hydrogen sulfide content measurement system
  • Water softening unit
  • Absorbent dosing and pre-treatment unit
  • Drain pumping station
  • Bypass gas system
  • EC&I

Oil Desalting Plants (Electrical Dehydrators)

Removal of calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and sodium chloride cutting salt content down to 5 mg/l at the plant output
Oil Desalting Plants

Stationary Natural Gas Compressing Systems


  • Capacity: up to 9000 Nm3/h
  • Power: 700kW
  • Suction pressure: up to 50 bar

Modular Reservoir-Pressure Maintenance Units

pump station

Consisting of:

  • Fluid processing and metering system (feed pipeline)
  • Control system (discharge line)
  • Pumping equipment package
  • Automatic control package (pump control station)

Hydraulic Filters of Various Designs

oil filters
  • Strainers
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • Bolted cover
    • Cover Kick-off mechanism
    • The strainer filtering element consists of a perforated drum with predefined cell size
    Fineness range: 5mm to 50 μm
  • Automatic self-cleaning back-flushing filters
    • Duplex filtration systems
    • Tabular filtration systems
    Filtering degree: up to 20 μm
    Working medium: oil-and-gas and chemical suspensions
    Service life: up to 20 years

Heating Units for Oil and other Fluids

Heating Units for Oil and other Fluids
  • Convection-type
  • Radiant-type with helical two-way or three-way coil
  • Serpentine-type
  • Cabin-type
  • "Water bath" type
  • Heated fuel tanks


  • Efficiency: up to 93%
  • Furnace heat rating: from 1 up to 50 MW
  • Working media capacity: up to 2000m³/h
  • Service life: up to 30 years
  • Enclosure: fire and explosion-safe


Turbo-expander with hydraulic brake

  • Turbo-expander / compressor unit
  • Turbo-expander / generating set


  • Power: 50 to 50000 kW
  • Input pressure: up to 100 - 150 bar
  • Capacity: up to 50 million m³/day
  • Service life: 20 - 30 years
  • Input temperature: from -190°C
  • Isentropic efficiency: up to 90%

Power Production and Supply Plants

Fuel cell based thermal power plants

Power Production and Supply Plants

Portable plants with capacities up to 1kW

Application range:

Consumer electronics and telecommunication facilities

Small and medium-size plants with capacities up to 1MW

Power Production and Supply Plants

Application range:

Industrial, municipal, and public-service facilities and enterprises, Telecommunication centers, EMERCOM facilities, Stand-alone remote facilities with season-related access, Independent facilities

Large-scale plants with capacities of 1.4MW and 2.8MW

Application range:

Direct power generation and back-up systems, Hybrid heat, cold, and electric power generation systems, Fuel back-up systems

Power Production and Supply Plants

Diesel-generating sets

Capacity: 10kW to 10MW

Gas generators

Capacity: 1kW to 5MW

Cogeneration plants

Capacity: 10kW to 10MW

SNM (Shin Nippon Machinery Co. LTD) Steam Turbines, Japan

Steam Turbines
  • Maximum steam pressure: up to 67 bar
  • Maximum temperature: up to 540°C
  • Maximum output power: 50000kW

Heat-Exchanging and Capacitive Equipment, Pipes, Sections, and Metalwork from European companies

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers:

  • Rigid tube bundle assembly
  • Floating roof
  • U-shaped tubes
  • finned tubes
  • Special design with protective tubes and tube hole welding
Shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers

Air coolers

Pipe systems

  • Radiation and convection zones in processing furnaces
  • Furnace pipe systems

Tanks and vessels

  • Pressure tanks with embedded components
  • Vacuum tanks with double casings
  • Atmospheric pressure tanks

Pipes and fittings made of polymeric materials for severe operating conditions

Refractory Materials

Durable insulating firebricks withstanding temperatures up to +950°C

Insulating fiber, plates and blocks withstanding temperatures up to +1500°C

Melt-molded refractory materials withstanding temperatures up to +1750°C

Non-wetted refractory materials for high-temperature applications up to 1800°C

Application range:

  • Ferrous metallurgy
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Cement industry
  • Refractory materials for waste incineration

Burners, Burning and Flaring Systems, Incinerators.

Gas burners

Gas burners

  • Standard with flat or round flame
  • Low NOx emission
  • Forced and atmospheric draft

Combined burners

Flare systems

Flare systems
  • Air-assisted flares
  • Steam-assisted flares
  • Closed flaring system


Incinerators to dispose of:

  • Solid industrial and household wastes
  • Liquid wastes
  • Biological wastes
  • Oil sludge
  • Petrochemical production wastes

Oil and Gas Pipeline Hot Tapping and Pipeline Cleaning Equipment

Oil and gas pipeline hot tapping and shutdown equipment

Oil and gas pipeline hot tapping and shutdown equipment


  • Pipe: up to 2200mm
  • Working medium pressure: up to 160 bar
  • Working medium temperature: up to 350°C

Pipeline dehydration tool

Pipeline pigs

  • "Chameleon" type pigs
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional movement pigs
  • Tight pigs
  • Wide running pigs
  • Cap pigs
  • Variable diameter pipeline pigs

Pig launchers and pig receivers

Pig launchers and pig receivers

T-branches allowing passage of spheres

Shut-off T-branches

Quick-closing blind joints

Sphere and pig signaling equipment

Sealing plugs

Welding tools

High-friction tools

Shut-off and Control Valves by Various Manufacturers


Ball valves

  • Floating cast-steel or forged steel ball valve (150 – 600 lb)
  • Float ball valve (150 – 600 lb)
  • Sheet steel or forged steel trunnion mounted ball valve (150 – 2500 lb)
  • Trunnion mounted ball valve with reduced inside diameter
  • Upper inlet ball valve
  • Upper connection ball valve
  • Trunnion mounted ball valve (150 – 2500 lb)

Check valves

  • Cast steel check valve with double disk (150 – 900 lb)
  • Flat check valve (150 – 900 lb)
  • Cast steel or forged steel swing-check valve (150 – 2500 lb)
  • Pressure seal steel swing-check valve (900 – 2500 lb)

Shut-off valve

  • Gas shut-off valve (150 lb / 300 lb)
  • Double shut-off and discharge valve
  • Cast steel or forged steel pressure seal shut-off valve (900 - 2500 lb)
  • valves
  • Cast steel or forged steel pressure seal shut-off valve (150 – 2500 lb)
  • Shut-off valve with parallel double disks (150 - 300 lb)
  • Cryogenic shut-off valve (150 - 600 lb)
  • Flat shut-off valve (150 – 1500 lb)
  • Extension-type shut-off valve (600 - 900 lb)

Globe valve

  • Cryogenic globe valve (150 - 600 lb)
  • Cast steel or forged steel globe valve (150 – 2500 lb)
  • Cast steel pressure seal globe valve (900 – 2500 lb)

Flat butterfly valve

Flanged butterfly valve

Plug valve

Flat slide valve

Drilling Rigs and Utilities

Self-propelled drilling rigs for repair and maintenance of gas and oil wells

Cluster drilling rig capable of X-Y movement

Train rig

Jack-up drilling rig

Trailer drilling rig

Upper power drives


  • Crown-block
  • Travelling block
  • Hook
  • Knuckle joint (shackle)
  • Rotary table
  • Drill winch
  • Boring pump
  • Drilling mast
  • Derrick base

Wellhead Equipment

  • Blowout preventers
  • Plunger preventers
  • Batteries
  • Well suction and killing collectors
  • Drilling bits
  • Wellhead tools
  • Safety clamps
  • Drill pipe elevators
  • Pumping rod elevators
  • Casing pipe elevators
  • Inserts
  • Pipe tongs

Basic equipment calculation and selection

Compressors and blowers

Gearboxes and polymeric equipment


Other equipment

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